Department News

  • The Global Tea Initiative (GTI) is exploring ways to start tea agriculture in California. The GTI symposium on Feb 22-23, 2018 featured presentations from Professor Jacqueline Gervay-Hague and graduate student Crystal Ye, and included discussions on sustainable tea farming.
  • Dr. Mark Nesbit, a postdoc in the Britt laboratory, has been awarded an NIH F32 postdoctoral fellowship to support his research into metalloenzyme mechanisms.
  • The Siegel Lab has started a research collaboration with TechAccel, a Kansas-based venture company, to investigate engineered wheat enzymes that can produce plants capable of thriving in warmer global temperatures.
  • Professor Sheila David has been recognized with an ADVANCE Scholar Award. This program encourages research leadership and outreach to underserved communities and/or mentorship of underrepresented students, and celebrates the contributions of women STEM faculty.
  • "Blindness Didn't Stop Hoby Wedler From Being Successful." PhD graduate Hoby Wedler was a special guest at the Louisiana Association for the Blind's "Dining in the Dark", an immersive experience where those dining do so while blindfolded.
  • Distinguished Professor R. David Britt has been selected as the first Chemistry Department recipient of the new NIH R35 MIRA - Maximizing Investigators' Research Award, which provides five years of funding for his group’s research on metalloenzyme reaction mechanisms using electron paramagnetic resonance and other spectroscopic tools.
  • Professor Shota Atsumi has been named a Chancellor's Fellow, a program that provides philanthropic support to early career faculty members.
  • Professor Marie Heffern was recently inducted as a CAMPOS Faculty Scholar, a program recognizing "exceptional scientists in a STEM discipline."

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